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    1. This week in snapchat

    2. fer1972:

      Nature and Noise: Photography by Anna Marinenko


    3. foxmouth:

      Landscape Paths, 2013-14Danielle Hughson


    4. BRRAAAAIIIIIINNNNNNSSSSSSSSSS (I am not a zombie but I would also like to find some brains.)

      I read about zombies for so long today

                   that I started to forget what it means to be alive.

                                                   I have empathy for the living dead. 

      I walk among flesh eaters even after I put the book down —

          and realize I, too,  have been chasing the living,

                                looking for something alive to hold tight to. 


      I stripped the sheets off my bed today.

      covered my body in pillows and listened to all the little noises that create silences. 

      There is so much I hear but never listen to.


      Brains——————-?  life——————-?  warmth—————————-?

      They might go about it the wrong way, but I think zombies are looking for all the right things. At least they can say that they tried.

    5. Your challenge (easy) 1. Stranger 2. Silence 3. Rearranged


      I sit still in the night’s silence,

      Rearranging the words inside my head,

      Trying to make some sense,

      Of the things I said.

      Time has passed me by,

      And now I tend to wonder why,

      She’s become the stranger

      When I let my words change ‘er.

      Should I have fixed what’s broken,

      Or were too many words already spoken?

      Phoenix Bush killed it xx

    6. langleav:


      ODE TO A LOST LOVE  A mix for a lost love. “I know it’s over and it never really began, but in my heart it was so real.” | LISTEN

      In all my wrongs
      I want to write him, 
      in a time 
      where I can find him.
      Before the tears that tore us,
      when our history was before us.
      Lang Leav

      This is so pretty. Everyone should make a mix tape and send to their crush STAT


    7. I need an ocean.

      Anyone like to sail away with me?

    8. I Forget Where We Were’ has a title very much influenced by themes riled up in the wake of the first record.

      “It’s kind of about being aware of what is current and what is now after spending so much time in the music world. No-one really has a clue what’s going on musically or anything like that really, and it’s only with hindsight that you start to realise what has happened and what were the definitive moments in your life or in what’s going on around you. That was one side of it, but the other was my complete lack of understanding for anything over the winter. I struggled with a lot of stuff and just sort of lost my mind a little bit, so it felt like a fitting title and a kind of glimpse of madness.

    9. whykhan:

      TO BE ALONE AFTER MIDNIGHT: a mix for the loneliest people in the brightest part of the city. (listen/download)

      listen to this mix while listening to this

    10. uglysauros:

      im so close to  breakdown but im gonna delay it for five days so i can breakdown to the new ben howard record

    11. It’s a feeling

      It’s a feeling

    12. I felt myself in this poem. Those moments of dawn and despiration. Yeah. I know it.

      I felt myself in this poem. Those moments of dawn and despiration. Yeah. I know it.

    13. My afternoon

      My afternoon

    14. visual-poetry:

»i forgive you« by natalie lauchlan

It’s not okay


      »i forgive you« by natalie lauchlan

      It’s not okay

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